High interest 2 - 4% APY guaranteed.
Zero fees. All growth.



Get paid daily, in your sleep.


Wall Street casinos? Never.


24/7 access. $0 minimum.


Free means free. Forever.


Get paid daily, in your sleep.


Wall Street casinos? Never.


24/7 access. $0 minimum.


Free means free. Forever.

+Most banks I've heard pay a measly 0.01% interest. Even the online banks (Ally etc.) pay only 1%. How is Beam able to offer such a high interest?

Traditional banks have many costs—costs to build expensive branch locations, excessive executive bonuses, employee perks, fat billboard advertising budgets, to name a few. Costs aside, banks also do make an exorbitant amount more than you do (a bit too greedy?). This is why you’ve been getting only 0.01% of the 4 - 5% banks earn on your dollars. While some of the online banks saves on the cost of physical locations, their “operating system” remain cost-heavy. Without these costs and being less greedy, Beam is able to offer greater savings and rewards back to you, the customer.

+What exactly is Beam? Is Beam a bank account or an investment account?

Your Beam account would be supported by a licensed, FDIC-insured US bank with decades of operating history serving deposit customers just like you. It is an authorized interest-paying bank account, or Demand Deposit Account (DDA) in technical terms. Beam is not an investment account. On the contrary, the money in your Beam account is risk-free and FDIC-insured. You’ll NEVER lose money with Beam.

+Do I need to switch out my bank to use Beam? That would be painful.

You do NOT need to switch out your bank to use Beam! Beam is designed to be a higher-earning, supplementary bank account to your primary bank account, and it isn’t meant to replace the relationship you already have with your bank. Beam works well with any number of bank accounts you have, and help you earn more from them without much mental efforts. It's way better than just another banking app.

+Another account? I already have multiple bank accounts and want to keep things simple. How simple is it to use Beam?

It takes less than 60 seconds to apply for an account with Beam on your phone. Beam invests heavily in quality customer service and related technologies (real-time access, text alerts), so that you can save time and energy when it comes to tracking your account. When we keep things simple, it really isn't that complicated to maintain another account, especially when it can boost the growth rate of your cash by 200x in your sleep.

+I like my bank. Why should I care about making a 2 - 4% interest as opposed to 0.01%?

Did you know that US banks today earn on average 4 - 5% on every dollar you deposit in your bank account? And how much of that is passed back to you, who are loaning them their money? Top 4 US banks today pay a mere 0.01% interest. Federal Reserve targets inflation of 2%. This means that if you deposit money with a bank that offers you less than 2%, you are losing money with respect to inflation. And that "slow bleeding" in the purchasing power of your bank account can really add up over time. Why not considering fixing it, if it's easy to do? Beam is here to help you stop the bleeding.

+Why would Beam have a waiting list? How long do I have to wait once I claim a spot?

In the banking world, Beam is a young, growing service. To ensure quality of service and to provide Beam with an opportunity to improve its customer experience, Beam can initially only accommodate a maximum of 20,000 customers for its "beta" (the first public edition) before it can be rolled out to a broader audience. A waiting list helps Beam manage customer demand, and to prioritize "beta" access to the most active early advocates for Beam. We encourage you to claim your spot early, and become an advocate for making banking more fair for everyone.

As you may expect, creating a new banking product requires a lot of hard work, patience, and rigorous internal and external vetting processes to ensure that the service Beam delivers to you is safe and sound. We are working hard to get Beam to you sooner, so kindly stay tuned with our Beam Journal, share about Beam with your friends, and look for our launch updates in a few months!

+What does 2 - 4% APY mean?

APY, or Annual Percentage Yield, is the annual growth rate for your money. Every approved Beam customer will receive a 2% APY guaranteed "base rate", which is already hundred-times-better than rates offered at Top 4 US banks. You can earn 4% APY if you use other (free) features offered by the Beam mobile app.

+Where can I see some customer reviews?

Beam is scheduled to be released to our wait list customers later this year. Sign up here for our wait list, so we can notify you on our official release date. We'd love to have you as our first reviewers :). While we're working hard to get Beam to you sooner, here are some commentaries from our early customers:

Kelby M.: "I just saw an ad about your program, and it seems legit! I would be very interested to learn more about your product and how it's going to work. I had been thinking in today's low interest environment, there's got to be someone out there who's going to come up with something like this... and sure enough! Very excited to hear more."

Cody J.: "I cannot tell you how excited I am that you all are doing what you're doing. I have been waiting for a financial product like Beam all my life...I have also been sharing the bits of information you've published with friends and family. We can't wait for Beam to be "live"."

Jen P.: "I am definitely thinking about it. It would be a great place to park my money safely. Then I can always transfer it to my bank when I need it and with a better rate than my bank, it seems like a really good idea."

Dan Z.: "I'd like to look into this more. Putting money in a bank is basically worthless now, but with a better return, it may be worth looking into. It is giving returns nobody else does in savings."

George G.: "I am eagerly awaiting my first deposit. When will your bank become available to the early access community?"

Michael D.: "I wanted to check the status of the wait list and see when Beam would be opening up? I am looking forward to trying out Beam and then sharing the experience with others."

Grenville F.: "I really think you have an awesome concept going. I've referred a couple of my friends and family and I'll continue to do so. I can only imagine there must be tremendous hoops to jump through starting up a new financial service like this. Thanks for working hard to get that to the public expeditiously."

+Where is my cash invested? Is my money safe? And how secure is my information?

Your cash at Beam, like your deposit at your primary bank, is not “invested” (a term used more often in the securities industry), but “loaned” in the form of mortgage, commercial real estate loans, etc. Beam or its partnering bank does not take inappropriate risks on loans at the expense of financial safety and soundness. And remember, your cash at Beam is always FDIC-insured.

Your money stays in an FDIC-insured deposit account provided by Beam's bank sponsor; FDIC insures up to $250,000 per depositor. Beam takes the safety of your money seriously.

Your Beam mobile app observes strict bank-level security standard and all your data is appropriately encrypted to protect against unwanted cybersecurity risks.

+Why should I use Beam if I can trade stocks and funds? Are those better options?

Possibly, but you are gambling. Keep in mind that they are entrusting your hard-earned money into investments that go up and down frequently. On top of that, many investment services charge management fees, which you pay regardless of performance. Putting money into Beam is not gambling and your money does not fluctuate up and down like a seismograph. It grows your money steadily annually, with no effort, fees, or risk.

+How much does it cost? Any upfront costs or hidden fees? How do you make money?

We hate bank fees as much as you do. Therefore, we have committed to make Beam completely free to you. Forever. No asterisks. And we believe that’s the way it should be. Beam makes money by providing value-added services to our partnering bank and other financial service partners in the banking ecoysystem.

+How easy is it to access my money if I need to withdraw? Any minimum balance?

You can easily make unlimited transfers to and from your primary checking account within 1 - 2 business days. We do not charge fees on money transfers, and there is absolutely no minimum balance for using Beam.

+Who should I contact if I have more questions?

We'd love to hear from you. Beam is our people's cause; let's work together to bring back the simplicity in banking. Contact us at yourfriends@meetbeam.com, and stay tuned with our Beam Journal.


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