Beam is a San Francisco-based mobile FinTech company focused on reinventing your bank account. Why does it need to be reinvented? Your bank makes 4%—8% on every dollar you deposit with them, returning a mere 0.01% a year to you in deposit interest. The reality is that they can do more, much more.

As it turns out, the product we’re reinventing (fixing) is one that everyone has, but few understands how it really works —your bank account.

When you open a bank account, you are effectively loaning your cash to the bank at negative real interest. Why? Inflation at the time of this writing is over 2%, and your cash is likely sitting at one of the Big Four banks earning 0.01% interest. Simply put, you money is losing value sitting there.

That compounds significantly over time. This is what we call a bad deal that everyone simply accepts and take from cradle to grave, without questioning.

What’s more, not everyone gets the same deal. America’s wealthiest 1% today gets to earn above-inflation return on their bank cash, while most Americans do not, especially the underprivileged and under-educated. That is far from fair.

Beam makes it its mission to change that.

As featured on The New York Post, Forbes, ABC, etc, Beam is a bank app that pays more 💸, with funds FDIC-insured by banks, 0 fees (FREE!), 0 minimum balance or lockups, 1 minute to onboard, without the need to switch out your existing bank. Come join us on a mission to change banking for the better, and keep more in consumers’ pockets.

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